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    After dropping 8, these are the remaining ones I like the best. My personal order from liking the most to liking the least:

    1. Florence -> I know a F., a French little lovely girl, just love this name
    2. Violet Andromeda Lark -> I would A. replace by a more common name like Andrea or Adriana and not use Lark at all
    3. Hermione Poet "Hera" -> Sigh, love H., don´t like Poet, maybe Lyra (close to Lyric to keep the theme)
    4. Matilda "Maude" or "Tilda" -> nn Tilda better than Maude (imo)
    5. Harriet Ivy Winter "Hattie" -> beautiful choice
    6. Henrietta Phoebe "Etta" -> same, beautiful choice
    7. Antigone Rose Elizabeth "Effy" -> how about Elizabeth Antigone Rose?
    8. Wilhelmina Daisy "Willa" or "Mina" -> not my taste, but nice and grounded, strong name
    9. Persephone "Seph" -> nn Penny?
    10. Cordelia Hero "Cora"
    11. Ottilie Maeve "Tilly" -> I like Tilly, not really Ottilie
    12. Orla Persephone Mae (rethinking middle names as I have Persephone as a first name)
    13. Sybil Guinevere -> I don´t like Sybil at all since it´s an old ladys name where I´m from (not classic, just dated as in not usuable these days), but I really like Guinevere. So i propose Guinevere ... Sybil?

    I really like most of your names. Wish you good luck with your list as I´m continuingly working on mine
    Fav. Girls Names: Rosalie, Amalia, Isa-Lea, Marisa Janey, Sophia Florence, Adriana Louise

    Fav. Boys Names: Tristan, Theo, Quentin, Jannik, Colin, James, Bennett, Benedict

    Fav. combinations: Rosalie Delia, Amalia Lucia and Jerry Benedict, Theodore James

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