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    fiammetta Guest

    Narrowing down my girls list...

    I always have the hardest time narrowing down my girls list! I like to have an equal number on both lists, which must always be the lesser amount as I don't love as many girls names as I do boys...

    Here's my list as it currently stands...what 8 names would you remove?
    Violet Andromeda Lark
    Beatrice Luna "Bea"
    Olive Arabella June (rethinking middle names)
    Harriet Ivy Winter "Hattie" (" ")
    Antigone Rose Elizabeth "Effy"
    Henrietta Phoebe "Etta"
    Hermione Poet "Hera"
    Wilhelmina Daisy "Willa" or "Mina"
    Ottilie Maeve "Tilly"
    Persephone "Seph"
    Matilda "Maude" or "Tilda"
    Octavia Lily
    Sybil Guinevere
    Agnes "Aggie"
    Orla Persephone Mae (rethinking middle names as I have Persephone as a first name)
    Esther Valentine/Esther Bluebell "Essie"
    Edith "Edie"
    Cordelia Hero "Cora"

    Thank you in advance!
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    proudtosayy Guest
    The 8 I would remove are,

    1. Antigone Rose Elizabeth
    2. Hermione Poet (I just automatically think Harry Potter.)
    3. Ottilie Maeve
    4. Orla Persephone Mae
    5. Esther Valentine/Esther Bluebell
    6. Agnes
    7. Harriet Ivy Winter
    8. Beatrice Luna

    I actually do like some of these 8, but those are just the ones I would remove if I have to.

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    I love Sybil Guinevere and Wilhelmina Daisy the most out of your list!

    Not a fan of Hermione, Octavia, Agnes, or Florence. I can't come up with eight to remove! I really like the majority of names on your list.

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    If I had to remove 8:

    1. Antigone Rose Elizabeth
    2. Orla Persephone Mae
    3. Octavia Lily
    4. Harriet Ivy Winter
    5. Agnes
    6. Edith
    7. Cordelia Hero (I love Hero, but as a first)
    8. Hermione Poet (Poet has been a long time love of mine, but I'm not sold on Hermione)
    Lotus &Eulalie

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    I'll give it a go. I really only could think of a few I didn't like but you asked for eight so I picked eight.

    1.Olive Arabella June- I'd actually just cut Arabella, I like Olive June.
    2.Hermione Poet- not fond of either name just my personal opinion. I see teasing opportunities with this name.
    3. Agnes- another one I just don't like. I don't necessarily hate it, and I don't think it'd be too terrible just not my style.
    4.Orla Persephone Mae- Or- names make me think toothpaste, Ora-gel for example. Probably just me though.
    5.Henrietta Phoebe- Henrietta is a bit of an old lady name, and I'm not sure I like Phoebe with it. I like the nickname Etta though.
    6.Wilhelmina Daisy- like this one and the nickname Mina. However it's a big name, a bit of mouthful and might be hard to spell for some people.
    7.Edith 'Edie'- like it but might be a bit dated.
    8.Esther Bluebell- not big on Esther but it's not a bad name. Dislike Bluebell, don't know why think it's a better name for a pet.

    My favorites on are Cordelia Hero, and Matilda. I like the nickname Cora for Cordelia. I prefer Matilda without any nicknames, but Tilly is good, but I don't know about Maude, it's a bit old lady-ish. Just my opinion, I didn't see any 'kill it with fire' type names, so in my opinion you have good taste.

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