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    I know you didn't ask for opinions, but since it helped me decide the keeps and drops, I figure it would be helpful for you to read my reasoning too.

    Violet Andromeda Lark - Lovely, lovely! KEEP
    Beatrice Luna "Bea" - This one is nice and whimsical, but I prefer Luna Beatrice though. KEEP
    Florence - I like this, and with the right middle name, Florence becomes a spectacular name. KEEP
    Olive Arabella June - I don't see the appeal of Olive, it seems very silly as a name to me. Arabella June is lovely though. DROP
    Harriet Ivy Winter "Hattie" - The full name is formal and lovely, but I'm not a fan of Hattie. KEEP
    Antigone Rose Elizabeth "Effy" - I don't like Antigone; all I can see is a lot of 'Anti Gone' headache. As a middle name, it's alright. Rose Elizabeth Antigone is quite nice. DROP
    Clementine - This doesn't appeal to me at all. It just feels very heavy and over the top. DROP
    Henrietta Phoebe "Etta" - I like it, but it's not really my style. Etta is still very old lady to me. KEEP
    Hermione Poet "Hera" - Hermione, as it is, is quite unusual and very connected to Harry Potter. I rather see it paired with a more classic name. DROP
    Wilhelmina Daisy "Willa" or "Mina" - Cute! Daisy is a little questionable for me, but I can imagine a very cute girl with this name. KEEP
    Ottilie Maeve "Tilly" - Flow is great, but Ottilie and Tilly isn't for me. Maeve is gorgeous though! DROP
    Persephone "Seph" - Love! So light and free-spirited to me! KEEP
    Matilda "Maude" or "Tilda" - The 'Tild' part gets to me, especially since I don't like the name/nickname Tilly. Maude makes an interesting nickname though. DROP
    Octavia Lily - I would have never picked this name out, but paired with Lily, Octavia somehow becomes usable and even cute to me. Would you be using a nickname for Octavia? KEEP
    Sybil Guinevere - Sybil is super old lady to me and I much prefer Genevieve and Jennifer over Guinevere. DROP
    Agnes "Aggie" - This is slowly growing on me, recently, it has promoted from 'would never use' to 'maybe for a middle name'. KEEP
    Orla Persephone Mae - Orla just makes me think of 'oral' and the sound of Orla just isn't pretty to me. Persephone Mae, beautiful. KEEP
    Esther Valentine/Esther Bluebell "Essie" - Esther 'Essie' is great. I slightly prefer Esther Valentine over Esther Bluebell because of flow, but both whimsical middle names work quite nicely with Esther. KEEP
    Edith "Edie" - This still hasn't quite crossed over to 'refreshing' to me yet, but it's not bad. KEEP
    Cordelia Hero "Cora" - I'm not a fan of Cordelia, but I understand the appeal of it. I don't understand Hero though, it just makes me think of super heroes and comic books and seems silly to use it as a name/middle name for a girl. DROP
    (updated 9/1/17)

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    1. Harriet Ivy Winter "Hattie" (" ")
    2. Antigone Rose Elizabeth "Effy"
    3. Clementine
    4. Hermione Poet "Hera"
    5. Wilhelmina Daisy "Willa" or "Mina"
    6. Ottilie Maeve "Tilly"
    7. Orla Persephone Mae (rethinking middle names as I have Persephone as a first name)
    8. Edith "Edie"
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    The 8 i would remove would be:

    1. Clementine
    2. Persephone
    3. Agnes
    4. Wilhelmina
    5. Antigone
    6. Octavia
    7. Orla
    8. Henrietta

    I love Sybil and Florence nn Flo!
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    After dropping 8, these are the remaining ones I like the best. My personal order from liking the most to liking the least:

    1. Florence -> I know a F., a French little lovely girl, just love this name
    2. Violet Andromeda Lark -> I would A. replace by a more common name like Andrea or Adriana and not use Lark at all
    3. Hermione Poet "Hera" -> Sigh, love H., don´t like Poet, maybe Lyra (close to Lyric to keep the theme)
    4. Matilda "Maude" or "Tilda" -> nn Tilda better than Maude (imo)
    5. Harriet Ivy Winter "Hattie" -> beautiful choice
    6. Henrietta Phoebe "Etta" -> same, beautiful choice
    7. Antigone Rose Elizabeth "Effy" -> how about Elizabeth Antigone Rose?
    8. Wilhelmina Daisy "Willa" or "Mina" -> not my taste, but nice and grounded, strong name
    9. Persephone "Seph" -> nn Penny?
    10. Cordelia Hero "Cora"
    11. Ottilie Maeve "Tilly" -> I like Tilly, not really Ottilie
    12. Orla Persephone Mae (rethinking middle names as I have Persephone as a first name)
    13. Sybil Guinevere -> I don´t like Sybil at all since it´s an old ladys name where I´m from (not classic, just dated as in not usuable these days), but I really like Guinevere. So i propose Guinevere ... Sybil?

    I really like most of your names. Wish you good luck with your list as I´m continuingly working on mine
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