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    -Harleigh (female)- Harleigh is pushy and her own kind of person. Not special, but she doesn't care. She just survives.

    -Noa (female)- Noa is outspoken and lovely, but she can be obnoxious and unintelligent.

    -Roscoe (male)- Roscoe's sleazy and annoying. 'Nuff said.

    -Lavinia (female)- Lavinia is the foreign exchange student, and she loves the attention. She's intelligent, daring, and beautiful.

    -Thaddeus (male, nickname Thad)- Thaddeus doesn't realize that no one likes him--that everyone thinks he's crazy. But don't get me wrong: he's not stupid, he just doesn't see. He's artistic and ingenuitive. He loves architecture?

    -Colette (female)- Colette is popular and annoying about it. She'll probably end up dying of lung cancer. She's submissive and goes with the crowd.

    -Stellan (male)- Stellan is the jocky type, but he doesn't play any sports. He's charming and uses his cunning to get away with anything. People love him for it.
    Just a lonely teenager creating a life through characters. Budding author and future failure. I despise the idiots. The nameless berry.



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