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    What impressions do my minor character's first names make?

    Hi, everyone. So, in my story, I need at least seven minor characters who are living in futuristic (about 120 years or so) Orlando. It's not a dystopian story per say, but there was an economic collapse that was resolved a few decades beforehand, so it isn't exactly the same as modern day.

    My characters are meant to have names with familliar sounds that could very possibly become popular, but aren't as of now.

    My question is, what are the impressions that the names of these minor characters make, if you had minimal information about them? As of now, their first names are:

    -Harleigh (female)

    -Noa (female)

    -Roscoe (male)

    -Lavinia (female)

    -Thaddeus (male, nickname Thad)

    -Colette (female)

    -Stellan (male)

    I also really like Maeve and Shreya, and Marco and Twain.

    Thanks, everyone!
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    -Harleigh makes me think of Harley, and that makes me think of tough-motorcycle-chick, sleek ponytail, some kind of dark past, probably a rebel

    -Noa sounds like someone shy, more peace-motivated...probably small, everyone thinks is insignificant if they think of her at all, but ends up being important, if only to give advice to MC/other character at time of need

    -Roscoe: reckless, younger than the MC, can handle a weapon (a hunter?), owns a pet (dog, or some kind of predator like a hawk), has a temper and maybe gets into a fight with people but is very loyal, freckly with auburn hair

    -Lavinia: a very pretty girl who knows she's pretty, arrogant but not necessarily helpless, wealthy and/or foreign, long flowing hair or something

    -Thaddeus: kind of a dork, but intelligent and a sweet guy, reddens easily, gets upset or frustrated when people fail to listen to him and get themselves in trouble, fuzzy light brown hair and hazel eyes

    -Colette: younger and maybe appearing/being physically weaker than the other characters, but determined and maybe sort of stupid because she thrusts herself into situations she's incapable of doing, doesn't want to be saved by anyone, dark hair and light eyes or vice versa

    -Stellan: posh rich boy who gets toughened up by MC/other character, has an arrogant facade but is secretly insecure

    I like Maeve but dislike Shreya, I like Marco and like Twain as well, but I had a female character named Twain and I'm thinking your Twain would be male, so that would throw me off.

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    I agree with all the descriptions above, except a few, so I'll answer this too.
    Harleigh: Tough, leader, brave, rebellious, no nonsense type of girl, maybe a tough past, maybe a bit older than MC. Looks like a biker girl, but not as many piercings. A sharp sort of character. But since it's leigh not ley, she does have a sort of soft side, but doesn't really show it.
    Noa: Soft, gentler, equally as brave as Harleigh, but more of a follower, is more of a 'healer' than a 'fighter', if you get what I'm saying. And I think she'd have a warm feel to her look. Like, maybe, golden brown skin, warm brown eyes, medium, dark brown hair.
    Roscoe: the good guy, not romantic interest, but a really "good" guy, if you know what I mean. Has a dog, very resourceful and smart, but not school smart. Brown hair, light skin, blue eyes, freckles, outdoorsy.
    Lavinia: The pretty, popular one. Maybe she's not friends with MC, sort of the popular cheerleader type. Beach blond bimbo sort.
    Thaddeus: The cool guy. The guy version of Harleigh. Knows everything there is to know about cars, always wears leather jackets around. A good fighter. Suprisingly intelligent.
    Colette: younger, vulnerable, innocent. I think it's basically an association with the name Cosette from Les Miserables, so somewhat like that girl. Definitely blond, or light brown hair and blue/green eyes. If she's not younger, than at least shorter and smaller. Maybe, actually really smart, but is really only tagging along, the one that everyone protects.
    Stellan: this is the hardest one so far. I'm not sure. The smart, geeky, dork, rich, rich, rich one. Maybe.
    I like Maeve, but Maeva might be better because it sounds more futuristic. About Shreya, how would you pronounce that? I don't like the name b.c. I wouldn't know how to pronounce it which is always a pain when you're trying to read a book, but the name itself is cool and futuristicky. Twain reminds me of Mark Twain, so contrary to what the person above said, I think it's definitely a boys name, and I like it, but if you're ever famous and your book becomes famous, be aware that all analistic people will say you're referring to Mark Twain, so be careful about what type of character you give that name and what you want it to say. Marco is good. Best of luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by waverly1234 View Post
    About Shreya, how would you pronounce that? I don't like the name b.c. I wouldn't know how to pronounce it which is always a pain when you're trying to read a book, but the name itself is cool and futuristicky.
    I knew a girl named Shreya (it's a traditional Indian name) and she pronounced it Shuh-ray-uh. It sounds to me like "shred" which is why I don't particularly like it, and I do agree with you about the pronunciation issue (if I didn't know the girl, I'd have no idea how to pronounce it either). I also think that it's more of a traditional name for people of that culture, and seems to me, I guess, less "futuristicky" as you put it.

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    Harleigh- Doesn't put up with nonsense, bossy with lots of tattoos and piercings.
    Noa- Very sweet kind with soft curly brown hair and big blue eyes.
    Roscoe- An old man(maybe in his 50's) who has been through a lot. Smoker, and also bald with silverly stubs of hair on his face.
    Lavinia- Pointed eyes and medium dark skin. Sassy and loves fashion
    Thaddeus- very gladiator. Athletic and attractive, maybe a military leader. Dark hair and dark eyes
    Colette- Short black hair cut into a bob. Very tall and business like.
    Stellan- very punk rock with a slick black mohawk and many tattoos and piercings.
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