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    What impressions do my minor character's first names make?

    Hi, everyone. So, in my story, I need at least seven minor characters who are living in futuristic (about 120 years or so) Orlando. It's not a dystopian story per say, but there was an economic collapse that was resolved a few decades beforehand, so it isn't exactly the same as modern day.

    My characters are meant to have names with familliar sounds that could very possibly become popular, but aren't as of now.

    My question is, what are the impressions that the names of these minor characters make, if you had minimal information about them? As of now, their first names are:

    -Harleigh (female)

    -Noa (female)

    -Roscoe (male)

    -Lavinia (female)

    -Thaddeus (male, nickname Thad)

    -Colette (female)

    -Stellan (male)

    I also really like Maeve and Shreya, and Marco and Twain.

    Thanks, everyone!
    Non-mommy berry, but author of Trissa Wynn, Rigby Emerson, Colette, Noa, Roscoe, and Lilith

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