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Thread: Help!!!

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    I love the name Ava. I think I have a solution to your problem. There was a family that attended our church and they tried for years to have a baby. The mother prayed and prayed for the longest time and they finally were blessed with a daughter. They named her Avail which is unique and different but still has that traditional Ava sound to it. The name Avail means "hoped/wished for."

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    My favorite with Wyatt would be Sadie. I think that is such a perfect sibset!

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    Yes, it is a very popular name and I totally understand why you're reluctant to use it. However, if you love it then you should just use it. As popular as it may seem, ask yourself this many Ava's do you personally know? Probably not that many. Also I think Wyatt and Ava is a wonderful sibset With that being said, it's your child and your decision obviously. From your list, I love Ella. It's actually the name I've chosen for my baby girl although I was feeling the same way you are about its popularity. I decided however that as long as I love the name I'm not going to anything sway my decision. To me, Ella is just as beautiful as Ava..short, sweet and classic. What more could you ask for in a name? Other names from your list that I like..Cassidy, Chloe, Gemma, Sadie and Zoe although I think some of these names are just as popular, if not more popular than Ava. In my opinion the middle names Mae and Jane are too plain, short and filler like. Would you consider a longer name?

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