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Thread: Help!!!

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    I love Nora Jane with big brother Wyatt. Ivy Jane would also be a great choice. Ava is a beautiful name but I don't like it with Jane or Mae because it's too much of the same A sound.

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    Thank you all!! I am also wondering about the name Aviana instead of Ava...really do like Ava better, but this seems really pretty and definitely not as common.

    Aviana Mae?

    And Aviara? I can't find it anywhere...I know I didn't make it up...

    And Avita...I really like that, but is it too close to Evita??
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    Avielle? We could call her Avi which is very cute...

    (Man I totally see where this is going though...) lol

    I think I am liking Nora Jane the best, second only to Ava Mae (which has been my choice from the beginning). I obviously keep looking for names LIKE it but not as overused. This is HARD.
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    My faves with Wyatt are:

    Calla Frances | Eliza Wren | Esme Clover | Liv Cordelia | Maisie Elowen | Matilda Hazel | Phoebe Kerensa | Sylvie Marigold | Thea Rosemary | Zara Emmeline
    Amias Jude | Callum Jasper | Cato Benjamin | Emmett Wilder | Griffin Emrys | Lucian Mateo | Milo Sebastian | Nathaniel Winter | Quentin Rafferty | Theo Francis Wolf

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    I like Anya Jane as well. Also Nora. I have cousins Avery and Wyatt. Avery is similar, but depending on the area can be popular too. In my area it definitely is.

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