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Thread: Help!!!

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    Wow, thank you all! As someone pointed out, I do like Ava Jane (AJ) together as a first name, not hyphenated. However, my MIL's name is Jane so I don't know if that would be too weird (not as weird if it were used as a mn IYKWIM). I never even thought of using Ava Mae (non-hyphenated) as a full first name, would I be able to use a middle with that? If so, what kind of middle would not be too much? We have a 3 syllable last name. Thanks, and keep the suggestions coming, there are some really good ones here that I am going to run by DH.

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    If popularity is the issue, I'd go with Gemma. You don't want to trade in Ava for a name that's just as popular. Gemma is beautiful and not used that often.

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    My favorites are Nora and Ivy. I think those are both lovely names. I also think Cassidy goes really well with Wyatt.

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    I like Ava the best from your list.

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    I think Cassidy Jane just sounds perfect with Wyatt. Other names on your list I also really like are Gemma Mae, Juniper Mae, & Anya Jane. But if you really love Ava, I would just use it. If it is your favorite name, don't let popularity change that.
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