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Thread: Help!!!

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    These are my favorites:

    Gemma - Lovely, beautiful, strong, underused name!
    Julia - I absolutely adore Julia, and I wish it was used more often.
    Liv - Liv is a fantastic name! Beautiful and full of personality. I think it can stand on it's own. This would be my favorite!
    Nora - Adorable, and it ages well!

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    Not sure where you are from so name popularity may be different in your neck of the woods but if you are questioning Ava because of its popularity then I would also think twice about Ella, Ruby & Zoe. My favourites from the less common names on your list are Sadie, Stella & Lydia. Good luck!

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    From your list I like Chloe, Eva, Sadie, and Stella. I really dislike the name Hannah.

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    I think Greta and Wyatt would go nicely together.
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    Anya - I'm really beginning to like this name, Anya Jane is cute.
    Cassidy - Not keen on this name with Wyatt.
    Chloe - Same as above.
    Ella - Ella Mae and Wyatt sound perfect together.
    Eva - Eva Mae is lovely too.
    Gemma - Not keen on Gemma and Wyatt.
    Greta - Don't really like this name.
    Hannah - Hannah Jane and Wyatt sound quiet nice together.
    Ivy - I like Ivy with Wyatt.
    Julia - A little dated in my opinion.
    Juliet - Again I think it's a little dated.
    Juniper - Don't really like this name either.
    Liv (maybe as a nn for Livia) - I like Liv/Livia as nn for Olivia.
    Lydia - Lydia Jane is lovely.
    Nora - Nora Jane and Wyatt maybe be my favourite.
    Olive - Not keen on Olive.
    Ruby - Ruby and Wyatt are also gorgeous.
    Sadie - Not keen on Sadie.
    Stella - Not keen on Stella.
    Zoe - Not keen on Zoe.
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    Girls:Amelie, Isobel, Ruby and Imogen.
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