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    I was walking through the cemetery that my grandfather is buried in today, and stopped to look at a few names, I happened to find quite a few nice combos. All of these were from 1910 or earlier :-)

    Emeline Anne
    Harriett Alice
    Maybelle Grace
    Matilda Jane
    Lucinda Daniel
    Clara Elizabeth Virtue (double middle name)
    Nellie Elizabeth
    Nellie Marietta
    Lillian Vera (my great-grandmother)

    Thomas James
    Daniel William
    William James
    Malcolm Daniel
    Joshua William

    What do you think of these names, and what interesting/different names have you seen in the cemetery?
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    17. name lover. hoping to have kids of my own one day.

    Little Ladies:
    Lucie Olivia|Audrey Nicole|Bryony Elise|Elsie Rose|Sienna Louise|Felicity Noelle|Clara Danielle|Evangeline Claire|Liliana Kate|Larissa Maeve|Fallon Rosalie|Tessa Violet

    Little Gentlemen:
    Joshua Thomas|Cameron Patrick|Bryson Andrew|Brogan Oliver|Anthony Joel|Jamie William|Adam Michael|Landon Christopher|Dylan Robert|Charlie James

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    I really like these four girls names!

    Harriett Alice
    Matilda Jane
    Clara Elizabeth Virtue
    Lillian Vera

    and these boys names:

    Malcolm Daniel
    Joshua William - this actually IS my son's name!

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