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    My thoughts:
    Savanna Darr - Savanna sounds really pretty and wholesome. I prefer Savannah spelling wise. Savannah visually is more attractive. Savannah is classier as well. Middle name Savanna/Savannah Katherine Darr?

    Lena Darr - Lena is cute, and has a really exotic eastern european feel. Lena works with Darr and actually creates a very eastern european vibe. I like this combination. Middle name Lena Violet Darr?

    Sienna Darr - Sienna is gorgeous, very feminine and vibrant. Sienna works with your surname and creates a very feminine combination. Middle name Sienna Annabel Darr?

    Neviah Darr - Neviah is really unattractive. Not my style. Middle name Neviah Vivienne Darr?

    Lucy Darr - Lucy is not my style, she's very common in the UK and doesn't fit the qualities I like within a name. Middle name Lucy Marissa Darr?


    Ronan Darr - I love the name Ronan, he's really wholesome and vibrant. Ronan works with Darr as well. Middle name Ronan Nathaniel Darr?

    Thane Darr - Thane isn't a personal favourite. Thane sounds strange with Darr. It's a strange combination. Middle name Thane Michael Darr?

    Kieran Darr - I love the name Kieran prefer the authentic Irish spelling Ciaran. Either way the name is really handsome and works. Middle name Kieran/Ciaran Riley Darr?

    Declan Darr - Declan is a great name, very spirited but doesn't work with Darr. Middle name Declan Alexander Darr?

    Rhett Darr - Rhett feels very southern and has great connotations. Yet I think Rhett doesn't work with Darr. Middle name Rhett Solomon Darr?

    Ryker Darr - Ryker looks strange with Darr the combination doesn't work. Middle name Ryker Timothy Darr?

    Arabella Darr
    Rosabel Darr
    Mariana Darr
    Lucia Darr (pro. LOO SHA)
    Willa Darr
    Reuben Darr
    Ethan Darr
    Cormac Darr
    Wilhelm Darr
    Edison Darr

    Hope this helped
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