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    I love all the boy names! If I had to pick a favorite, I'd go with Ronan. I do like Sienna from your girls list, and Lucy as well. There are just so many little Lucys in my neighborhood, it's kind of lost some appeal for me!
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    Savannah and Lucy tie for my favorite for girls. As for boys, my favorite would be Rhett.

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    I really like Lucy for a girl and also Sienna a lot, and Declan or Ronan for a boy, with your last name.

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    My favorites for girls are Lucy and Lena, though I love all the rest.
    As for the boys I like Ronan and Ryker .
    Here are some middle name suggestions:
    Savanna Louise Darr
    Lena Renee Darr
    Sienna Grace Darr
    Lucy Beatrice Darr

    Ronan Matthew Darr
    Thane Alexander Darr
    Kieran Marcus Darr
    Declan Oliver Darr
    Rhett Isaiah Darr
    Ryker Elijah Darr
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    Savanna Darr - I think Savanna is going to seem very dated in a few years, it would get misspelled a lot (I've never seen it without an H on the end), and to be completely honest, I think it sounds a bit "stripper"ish.
    Lena Darr - this is lovely!
    Sienna Darr - this is nice as well.
    Neviah Darr - I think people will confuse this with Neveah. It also seems less classy than your other choices and I think it'd be hard for people to spell.
    Lucy Darr - This is also a good choice!

    Lena is my favorite of your girl's list.


    Ronan Darr
    Thane Darr
    Kieran Darr
    Declan Darr
    Rhett Darr
    Ryker Darr

    I like all of your boy's choices except Ryker. Here, Ryker's is the name of the high security prison, which I thought was pretty nationally (in the US) known, so that really puts me off it. Keiran might get some trouble with spelling, as I usually see it Ciaran. It's a nice name, though.
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