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    29 weeks pregnant! Help!

    I am due July 15 of this year and it coming faster than ever. I am having such a hard time finding names for my little girl! I like names such as Lucia, Domenica (I am very Italian) and Spencer, Aria (not from Pretty Little Liars, I just happen to like those names) I need help thinking of names similar to this so people don't think I am naming my daughter after a TV show! I also like traditional names like Emily and Charlotte. All help is appreciated, thank you soooo much!
    Girls: Blair, Lucia, Aria, Luna
    Boys: Xander, Rafael, Cato, Isaiah

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    I love Lucia, too. From your list, I´d choose Lucia Charlotte as a name.

    Other suggestions:

    Gemma Lucia
    Rosa Lucia
    Aria Rose
    Emily Charlotte
    Charlotte Maria
    Fav. Girls Names: Rosalie, Amalia, Isa-Lea, Marisa Janey, Sophia Florence, Adriana Louise

    Fav. Boys Names: Tristan, Theo, Quentin, Jannik, Colin, James, Bennett, Benedict

    Fav. combinations: Rosalie Delia, Amalia Lucia and Jerry Benedict, Theodore James

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    Lucia is very pretty, as is Aria. I also would suggest Elisabetta and Rafaella given your italian background, very pretty and lots of nicknames. Spencer is cute, but seems out of place with your other options which seem more feminine.

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    I second Lucia Charlotte! So pretty. I love Spencer on a boy, but not for a little girl.

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    I like the names you have except Spencer, not a fan. Have you looked at family names? Also, looking at the meanings of the names can help you narrow your list down.

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