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    WDYT of my character's name

    My character's name has been decided:

    Before you start the hate comments, I feel it fits well. Here is the character description:
    About 5'4'' tall, evergreen eyes
    She is pale with dimples and has glasses that look somewhat like hipster glasses, though Linky is not the kind of person who would get caught up with hipster status (I couldn't think of anything else to describe that.) She is also intelligent and wealthy but not stuck up or caught up her social status.
    I recently posted a forum asking for suggestions/thoughts on possible character names.
    I was dead set on Sparrow and I just couldn't see it on her.
    For some odd reason I was also thinking Faith. I go back and look at that post and think "Why??!!"

    What to you think? Don't be afraid to hurt my feelings, because it won't.
    Middle name suggestions?
    Long lost sibling name/middle name suggestions?

    I'm 13 (almost 14 lol) just to let you guys know. I have seen a user who writes erotica (she is younger than me) and I'm assuring you that this is in no way, shape, or form erotica. AT ALL.

    All help is appreciated greatly.
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