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    WDYT of Burette?

    All right, so I'm writing a sort of fairy tale crossover story made up of all sorts of different stories, one of the main ones being Little Red Riding Hood. My MC is a Lady of the realm, and she needs to be able to have the nickname Ruby. My Word program pulled up Burette as an autocorrect option for my original choice, and I kind of like it. The nickname is less obvious for this than the original choice (Rubette). Apparently a Burette is a piece of laboratory equipment, but I don't think that it's a reference that many people would catch. So, basically, what do you think? Could it work?
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    Burette sounds fine, as long as she is generally referred to as Ruby instead. I wouldn't have picked up the science reference (even though I'm studying university level science) and I doubt many people will. The storyline sounds a lot like Once Upon A Time, though.

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    It's fine, as long as there's some other reason to call her Ruby (red hair, affinity for the jewel, favorite color... something). I didn't pick up on the science reference.

    I actually like the name Burette, which is a good thing, since I don't really like 'B' names.
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    Initial thought was 'Burette doesn't go in a fantasy!' Thought it sound like a surname, but looking at it a little longer I think it would work. It is definitely unique. As far as the lab equipment the only people who'd get it would be science nerds and people who might google it. Still no big deal depending on what a Burette does. Meaning I'd just make sure that 'Burette' isn't a fancy name for a pee cup. Haha I presume you've already done this if your considering it.

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    Ruby as a nn for Burette? I'm not so sure it works. I prefer Rubette. Like pp has said- she'll need red hair or something to pull it off.

    The piece of lab equipment was the very first thing I thought of. We used them all the time in chemistry at school. The name Burette is akin to using Bunsen, Flask or Crucible in my eyes :/

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