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    If you want to call her Isla then name her Isla. Isla is a legitimate name. The letters are there so it could work, but I just think Isabelle has so many established nn that getting people to call her Isla would be difficult.
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    I personally wouldn't. I know the letters are in the right order, but the starting sounds are so different. I see Isla as its own, stand-alone name, totally unrelated to Isabella. Sometimes I do like stand-alone, separate names as nicknames, but usually that's to take a wilder, GP name (Mars, Thor) and help it fit my style more (Marshall, Arthur). Since Isla and Isabella are on a fairly similar plane, I confess it doesn't make as much sense to me that it would function as a nn for Isabella. I too like Isa better. (Granted, all that's my opinion. You can, of course, do whatever you like )

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    I think it would be fine.

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    I think it could work, in theory. While they have the same letters, they don't share any sounds. I think Isabella is closer, but it's still weird. But I see where you're coming from: Isla and Isabelle are match-y for sisters, and both are amazing names (even if you aren't expecting).
    But Isla has no connection to Isabelle.

    *If you pronounce Isla as ees-luh (the Spanish prn), I think it would make a lot more sense.
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    I don't think it would work well. They are totally different sounds. If Isla were pronounced "is-la" and not "eye-la," then I would say it could work.
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