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    My Favorites:
    Anastasia- every time I see this name I think of the music box and Once Upon a December.
    Beatriz- beautiful name plus nn Bea (BAY-uh) is equally beautiful.
    Camila- sounds beautiful in Spanish and great nn options.
    Cassandra- gorgeous and enchanted with Greek Mythology.
    Elinor- as in Dashwood
    Miranda- Shakespearean goodness! Plus my inner geek loves this because of Serenity!
    Noemí- every syllable is beautiful and you just can't help repeating the name over and over again.
    Ophelia- A hauntingly beautiful name.
    Vashti- a terrific heroine with a stunning name.
    Zoe- Saint Zoe of Rome is a very admirable namesake though she met a tragic end.

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    @rosamonte Thank you. I ran them by the fiancé and he shot me down.

    @bonfireazalea- thanks for the feedback.. That is exactly how I feel about Cecilia... I think this one is becoming a top contender. From what I understand, she's also the patron saint of music and my dad is a musician which would be a sweet way to link a daughter to her only grandfather.

    @oliviasarah- I haven't been able to find any other source that has that meaning for Amaya in Japanese. I much prefer that meaning, obviously. I love all your suggestions especially Zoe Amaya, Elinor/Vashti Madeline and Cassandra Eleni

    @elizabeth_rose you just made me fall in love with all of them all over again. I do love that namesake for Zoe. When I have to name babies for real I'm in trouble!
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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    I love Alina, Elinor, Cassandra, Anastasia, Zara, Kassiani, Madeline, Miranda, Eliora, Carina, Eleni.

    Lior is ehh to me, I know a man named Loir so I think of him. It also looks like a play on the brandname Dior.

    Amaya is also apparently, a Japanese name meaning "night rain" so that negates the other negative meaning if spelled that way.
    As for the other negative meanings, I'm big on meanings and would scrap them.
    Would you like having a name meaning end, or blind? Also, I firmly believe that what you name your child, is what you're calling them. Meaning and all.

    As for Aisha, it's definitely a very political and loaded name. Both with in the religion of Islam and outside of it.
    It can also be viewed as insulting to use on a non-muslim by some Muslims.
    A little tidbit: Only Sunni Muslims believe that Aisha was the favourite wife of Prophet Muhammed. Shias have no fondness towards her at all.
    Since she's such a prominent figure in Islam, I highly suggest avoiding it, or at least doing intense research before using it.

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    Ofelia! Ese es uno de mis nombres favoritos! Always makes me think of the movie Pan's Labyrinth though!

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    Twenty-something musician, yogini and name lover who dreams of strolling the boulevards of Paris by day and writing songs by night.

    Mes prénoms préfères;

    Elodie ~ Sylvie ~ Vivienne ~ Giovanna ~ Beatrice ~ Seraphina ~ Marguerite ~ Edith ~ Cosette ~ Isadora ~

    Alexander ~ Marcel ~ Elias ~ Nicholas ~ James ~ Henry ~ Rowan ~ Django ~ Kai ~ Tristan ~ Luca

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