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    Future little niñas

    This is all just thinking for the future but I needed some distraction as my insurance changed the tier my BC was in and it now costs me $40. For 28 pills that turn me into an emotional blubbering idiot or a ranging hormonal lunatic. *breathing in and out slowly*

    My names are all over the place style-wise. Popularity of a name doesn't deter me from using it. I had a strict "cannot end in a" rule because of my future last name, but I threw that out the window as I was finding it REALLY hard to find names I liked that didn't end in a. Also, (and this is a deal-breaker) the name HAS to be pronounceable in Spanish. So for example, I adore the name Bryony but in Spanish it's just bad. Very bad. If Spanish isn't your thing, just remember it's pretty phonetic and the vowels go ah, eh, ee, oh, oo (like in food)... every time.

    From the list below, which do you like? Are there any you'd eliminate because you don't think they fit with the others? Any that you'd pair together? Any suggestions? Berries are name geniuses!

    Cecilia (the meaning of this one kills me, but I can't get rid of it)
    Amaia/ Amaya (another one where the meaning kills me, but it's so beautiful)
    Kassiani (a bit of GP)
    Madeline (not my favorite spelling, but the only one that gets it close for Spanish, and my aunt's name is Mady
    Lior/ Eliora/ Liora
    Aisha (someone mentioned in another thread not to use this name if you aren't Muslim... I don't want to offend people so if this is true, I can eliminate it... I just love the meaning.)

    Sorry for how long this is...
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    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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