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  • Solenne Bain

    8 14.29%
  • Zoe Bain

    13 23.21%
  • Nora Bain

    22 39.29%
  • Claudia Bain

    18 32.14%
  • Ronan Bain

    16 28.57%
  • Emmett Bain

    18 32.14%
  • Finn Bain

    3 5.36%
  • Theo Bain

    20 35.71%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Poll - which do you like the most?

    If you have a moment, please describe the person you imagine for your favorite and least favorite name?
    Solenne (Leni), Eve, Zoe, Nora, Claudia, Ada, Annie, Fiona, Nina
    Kai, Ronan, Emmett, Finn, Theo, Ian, Will

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    Favorite for a girl: Zoe! I think of a spunky little girl with lots of energy.
    Least favorite for a girl: Claudia. This is just a name i've never liked very much, not my style. I can't really see it on a kid simply because I wouldn't name a child this.

    Favorite for a boy: Theo! My nephew is named Theo and he is one of the cutest little boys you could ever meet
    Least favorite for a boy: Ronan I suppose... although I like all of the boys names listed. This seems like a name for a little red haired boy IMO though.
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    Overall Favorite: London Julian
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    Favourite Girls Name: Claudia Bain - flows well with the 3-2 syllable count, stylish, glamourous, sophisticated, chic, not too common, lots of European flair. The only drawback is it's meaning of "lame". Babies are only children for a short time and we spend most of our lives as adults so Claudia ages well. I love Zoe but it looks a little short with Bain (definitely choose a longer mn for balance). Nora Bain reminds me of two characters: Nora Batty on "The Last of the Summer Wine" and Norman Bates of "Psycho".

    Least Favourite: Solenne Bain. End in a similar sound and two words are one too many in a combo. Solenne is a French girl's name and a variant of Solana (Spanish, Latin). The meaning of Solenne is "sunlight; eastern wind". In French, Bain means "bath" as in "salle de bain" or bathroom.

    Favourite Boys Name: Theo Bain. Yes, a little short. Have you considered Theodore Bain? Now, that sounds better. I picture Theo as being spunky, mischievous, adventurous, artistic and creative. Second choice would be Ronan and then Emmett.

    Least Favourite: Finn Bain - both one syllable, both four letters, too abrupt.
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    I voted for Zoe Bain because someone has ruined the name Claudia for me and because I love Zoe. I agree with mischa- Claudia Bain has the best flow and it's good on a kid and an adult. Zoe Bain is lovely
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    Thanks all!! Fun to see what everyone thinks
    Solenne (Leni), Eve, Zoe, Nora, Claudia, Ada, Annie, Fiona, Nina
    Kai, Ronan, Emmett, Finn, Theo, Ian, Will

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