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  • Emrys Brandt Luckie

    42 20.90%
  • Evander Brandt Luckie

    56 27.86%
  • Amias Brandt Luckie

    8 3.98%
  • Amias Edward Luckie

    24 11.94%
  • Jasper Brandt Luckie

    71 35.32%
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    I voted for Evander Brandt, because it just seems to flow so nicely. I love Evander also, it's just a good name. I did almost vote for Jasper though, because I do like the way that sounds as well. It also has a nice flow to it, but Evander Brandt would have to be my favorite of these.
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    Thanks for the further replies everyone! Since the last time I checked the poll here, Jasper has certainly gotten a lot of votes. I find it interesting that Jasper is getting the most votes, but in written forum responses there are very few people who seem to have it as their first choice.

    @Declare- Thanks for sharing your thoughts, it's definitely helpful to hear other perspectives. I personally don't see Emrys as feminine, seems to me it has a similar sound quality to names like Emmett, Emerson and Emmerich (which aren't feminine at all to me) moreso than Emily (can't really think of any female names that sound similar to Emrys myself).

    @Aurora- It would indeed be great to have one son and one daughter, and in actuality we're hoping that becomes the reality, but at the same time, it would by a minor tragedy if we weren't able to use any of these boy names (we probably won't have more than two kids), especially since gobs of research and thought have been put into them. The name Mayna required very little decision making time, it was clearly the right girls name for us from the beginning. In Chinese the characters 美 (mei) and 纳 (na) symbolize the cultural backgrounds of my wife and I, plus we feel Mayna honors both May and Mona (which are both names we'd love to honor for significant spiritual/religious regions) and it's the only name (boy or girl) that my wife was immediately like "that's the one!" about--- my wife has actually been calling her baby bump Mayna from quite some time now.

    Ottilie- Amias Ambrose is completely superhero worthy. After you said that, whenever I see this name now I hear background theme music.
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    I voted for Emrys Brandt. It's a great unusual name.

    I was considering voting for Amias but I can see pronunciation issues. Are you pronouncing it "uh-MEYE-us" or "AIM-ee-us" or something else?

    I really like Jasper (It's in my top 10!) but knowing your other son's name, Jasper seems too familiar/common/plain.

    Evander is my least favorite but it's still a wonderful name. You don't have a bad name on your list. I can see why you keep coming back to these 4.

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    I love your unimpeachable four, however I like Evander and Emrys far more than the others. They're both stunning. I voted for Evander Brandt because I didn't thought Emrys Brant sounded quite right.
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    @Christabel- We'd be pronouncing Amias as um-EYE-us (uh-MY-us)
    @killromance- Those two (Emrys and Evander) have been the front runners in my own mind recently as well.
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