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  • Emrys Brandt Luckie

    42 20.90%
  • Evander Brandt Luckie

    56 27.86%
  • Amias Brandt Luckie

    8 3.98%
  • Amias Edward Luckie

    24 11.94%
  • Jasper Brandt Luckie

    71 35.32%
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    Emrys Brandt... Love it! Evander reminds me too much of the boxer, and I think Jasper is going to become quite popular in the near future (due in part to Twilight). Amias Edward would be my #2.
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    I think Emrys Brandt is very cool, but I don't think Emrys Luckie really works, so voted Evander.
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    I am very torn between Emrys Brandt and Amias Brandt. Confession: I did not like Amias at first, but it has become one of my favourite names during your journey for the perfect name. I think it's a brilliant, shining star of a name. It's beautiful with Brandt, and I love it with big brother Rayhan (another name I've come to love). I do have a sneaking feeling Emrys is the name for you though. It's your favourite, it's been consistently on the top and it's an excellent excellent name. Oh, how I love Emrys! Again, it's fabulous with mr. R and I think you'd be blissfully happy to have your very own little enchanter. I do have to sleep on which of these two I prefer for you though.

    The reasons I'm not that into Evander and Jasper (both two of my ultimate favourite boy names) are simply that they don't have the magical, enchanting, stargazing powers I wish for your child. They feel more common. And you need something magical.

    I know you two will know which name is right when you meet your little one; and I hope you'll still come around here my name-soulmate.
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    I'm very torn between Emrys Brandt and Amias Edward. It's definitely between Emrys and Amias for me though; they're both excellent, unusual names with great meanings.

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    Emrys Brandt Luckie! Ever since Caian and Caius went, it's been Emrys for me all the way. It looks and sounds wonderful with Rayhan, it's exotic and unusual without being outlandish, it's Welsh, which honors your heritage, it has history and a wonderful meaning, and it has that slight, delightful aura of mystery that many of your top contenders have had. I just love it for you.

    Amias Edward would be my second choice. Amias has most of the excellent qualities of Emrys. I also love Jasper, but I agree with Ottilie that it doesn't quite have the magic of Emrys and Amias. I think that impression, for me, is due to Jasper's greater popularity. And Evander is a great name, but I've never loved it as much as the others.

    Best wishes!
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