View Poll Results: Which ONE? (Luckie is last name- almost)

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  • Emrys Brandt Luckie

    42 20.90%
  • Evander Brandt Luckie

    56 27.86%
  • Amias Brandt Luckie

    8 3.98%
  • Amias Edward Luckie

    24 11.94%
  • Jasper Brandt Luckie

    71 35.32%
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    The Poll of the Unimpeachable Four

    Lots of new names have come onto my radar over the past few weeks, and while several of them have gathered up quite a lot of reflection and rather in-depth research, nothing seems to be able to quite keep up in the competition with my top 4, which keep eventually pushing out all others that make there way into the running (such as Piran and Solon). And though I'm not gonna stop my journey to find new names that might fit the bill (spending some time with Soren right now), it's seeming ever more likely that one of our top 4 truly will be the eventual name.

    Thus, it is time for THE poll. The one with no fillers, no new candidates that may fade over time, only the 4 that always remain. The 4 I just can't bring myself to cut. The Unimpeachable Four (plus middle names)


    MN (have family significance):
    (could be convinced to use Charles)
    Updated Name List- Vote away...

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