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    Do you think we can use this as a nickname for this name?

    We are having a super hard time with naming this baby girl. We want to put Lydia in the name to honor my grandmother. This is important to me! I love the name Lydia but I already have an Olivia who we call Livia who is now 15. The year we named her Olivia everyone in the world decided to name their daughters Olivia as well.
    This time, We want an unusual frilly name, and to also honor our family like we have done with our other daughters... who all have family names.
    Our daughters are named...Elizabeth Kennedy, Margaret Olivia and Victoria Camryn all are called by middle names.
    We are thinking of giving this child 2 middle names(other kids do not care).

    The name we are thinking of is Lydia Katherine Adele........
    We want to call her Adelia/Adeliah pronounced Ada lie ah
    Lydia and Adele are both family names and Katherine fits with my other girls names. What do you think?
    I think Adeliah sounds feminine, and is very unique and flows well. Do you think I can get away with it?

    Would love your comments and thoughts...

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    Well, it is a beautiful name, but the whole thing is a bit confusing. How about doing Lydia Adeliah? That would fit your sibling theme much better. Plus, it is still just as beautiful.

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    I like that too! I tried that name out in a poll I did on baby genie and it was rejected. Not to say that they like my other name but they thought Lydia Adeliah was too redundant...both ending in an a...I guess sounding alike . This is a little overwhelming and although I have till August to decide on a name,well its just too close to me to not have it her name yet.

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    Why not name her Lydia Adele, and then call her Adelia? If I understand right the way you've named and what you call your current children, that should work.

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