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Thread: Britt for a boy

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    Britt for a boy

    I love the name Britt for a boy...but do you think it can stand alone? Or should I stick with naming him Britton and then calling him Britt? What are your thoughts and suggestions on the name, are there any other names where Britt can be used for a nickname?

    Thanks. I love the suggestion of Brinton. I wasn't very keen on Britton either, my mom suggested it instead of simply the name Britt. Do you have any suggestions for middle names?
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    I don't know where you live but I've heard only girls being called Britton (North America). Britt Ekland was also a well-known Swedish actress. I've heard of Bret/Brett for a boy but never Britt. I like Keats but not with another surname. One surname per combo is my rule or your child's name is in danger of sounding like a corporation. I guess you could get the nn Britt from any name beginning with "Bri" (eg. Brighton is a place name in England).
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    I actually love it and know a man named Britt. He's very cool, into archery, and no one makes fun of his name. You want to know something cool is that his full name is Brittney and he got made fun of for that, but once he started going by Britt, that stopped.

    I think it works just as well as Brett, but I don't like Britt Keats. It's very abrupt but if you love it, it shouldn't matter at all. I also think Britton works perfectly fine on a boy, it has all sorts of masculine sounds. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Quote Originally Posted by xmauixwowix View Post
    I love the name Britt for a boy...but do you think it can stand alone? Or should I stick with naming him Britton and then calling him Britt?
    Call him Britt by all means but not Briton. A Briton is someone from Britain. To me that would be like an English person going 'Hi, I'm Canadian!', cue confusion as it's revealed that they meant their first name and not their nationality.
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    Not a fan of britton. Love Britt, reminds me of The Flight of the conchord.

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