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Thread: My girls list

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    I like Winter, Alexandra, Story, Scout, Charlotte, Lola, Olive, and Josephine.
    Some nicknames for Josephine:
    Lily - Eliza - Isabelle - Rose - Margaret - Coraline - Emilia - Hazel
    Oliver - Simon - Jasper - Theodore - Henry - Leopold - Ezra - Jack

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    Quote Originally Posted by daisy451 View Post
    Clarinda nn Indy- honors a Linda and my moms hometown- I'm so-so on Clarinda, but Indy is cute and it's a sweet meaning.
    Page- county my mom was born in- Doesn't do much for me. I just think of the intern-type position.
    Isis- Lion King is my favorite movie and its based on the Isis/ Osiris story. Any nicknames? - The Lion King was based on Hamlet. In Egyptian mythology, Osiris is murdered and cut into 14 pieces, and Isis goes looking for the pieces so she can reassemble his body and give him the proper burial that will allow his spirit to continue existing. She finds 13 (the piece she's missing is his penis) and makes the last piece out of gold and clay. It's an interesting myth and a great name, but doesn't have too much to do with the Lion King.
    Winter- my moms maiden name- What a great maiden name! I think this is very good for a middle.
    Alexandra nn Sasha- Alexander is a family name- I love both names, but not together. I know an Alexandra nn Sasha and she gets annoyed by it. People don't realize that Sasha comes from Alexandra, so they think she just randomly renamed herself. I'd pick one or the other.
    Story- county I go to school in- Not a fan.
    Scout- Honors Girl Scouts I was involved in for a long time- Cute as a nickname, doesn't work well as a given.
    Hannah- Found in my family tree but have a cousin named Hannah- meh.
    Charlotte nn Lola- family name - Very nice.
    Olive- family name- I really dislike Olive. It's too food-y.
    Josephine nns?- Joseph is a family name- Josie, Phina, Fee, Jojo, Effie. I love this name and variant Josephina.
    To clarify the Isis connection to The Lion King.... Read this
    Names I love for my future children:
    Girls: Maisy, Nora, Josephine, Lydia, Marian, Clementine, Amelia, Scout, Naomi, Darcy, Sage, Blair
    Boys:Gabriel/Gable, Kale, Easton, Jasper, Carlisle, Joseph, Jameson, Grant, Bennett, Asher

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    Clarinda nn Indy- Not keen on this at all.
    Page- Prefer the spelling Paige.
    Isis- Prefer Isla sorry.
    Winter - Perhaps as a middle name.
    Alexandra nn Sasha- Too dated for me.
    Story - Not keen on this either.
    Scout- Maybe as a nickname.
    Hannah - I quite like the name Hannah.
    Charlotte nn Lola - I like both, not sure on Lola for a nickname for Charlotte though.
    Olive - I quite like this, how about Olivia?
    Josephine nns?- I like Josie as a nickname for this.
    Current favourites:
    Girls:Amelie, Isobel, Ruby and Imogen.
    Boys: Reuben, Joel, Caleb and Tobias.

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    With Tate, I like Winter, Charlotte (with nn Scout) and Olive.
    All the best,

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    Page is not my favorite but its so cute and goes well with Tate. Love Josephine and Charlotte. Like Alexandra and love Winter but wouldn't have guts to use it. I have mixed feeling about Clarinda...It sounds lovely to say but seems a little made up...But I like it Sorry, but I don't really like the others except maybe Olive which is a sweet name.

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