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    That is too precious! I absolutely love the idea of siblings having a say in their little siblings' names. If the name is way out there, then it makes sense not to do it. But if you all like the name a lot and it feels right when she's born, why not? It only makes it more special that her brother named her (sort of unintentionally, but still), not less special. Lauren is not nearly as popular as it used to be. I would be pleasantly surprised to meet a baby Lauren. I also like the suggestion of Laurel, which is beautiful and less common and still inspired by your son.

    I would be careful of the spelling, though. I knew a boy named Loren in high school, so if you're going with Lauren, I'd spell it that way. I'm not a fan of ys subbing in for other letters, but Lauryn at least still looks and feels like a girl's name. Just a thought. Also, I like the idea of the name Linden and the unusualness of it, but if I heard a sibset of Lyrik, Ledger, and Linden, I would be 100% sure they were all boys ... just something to think about.

    Good luck! Thank you for sharing this sweet story!

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    Way too common for my taste but if you like it and don't have any other names I guess it's fine

    Lotus (also Lotis), Linden, Lux, Lachlan, and Lark are some of my favorite L names for girls

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    I think it's adorable and that it might be cool to incorporate Lauren in the name somehow, but definitely wouldn't let it dictate the actual name. There's been some pretty great suggestions already but I'll throw in Lorien.

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    I think Laurel would be a lovely choice for you!

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    If I didn't like it, no. I wouldn't use it. Because as adorable as the story is, I still would want to LOVE the name of all of my children. I think Lauren would make a lovely MN, though, and you could pick a FN you really love. I think similar names like Laurel, Lorelei, Laura, and Elora are lovely, though, and would work well with Lyrik and Ledger.
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