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    That could be interesting telling people the backstory behind your daughter's name. But also, I'm thinking it could be not great to name your daughter Lauren after your son's nightmare not dream. It is also very common and you seem to like unique names so you could go with Laurel or Leighton instead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bellieve View Post
    it goes against our rule of it being waaaaaaaay too common)...

    So... Would you let your 3 year old name your baby!?!?!?!?
    I agree with you that it's too common. I would be so disappointed to find out that the little sister of Lyrik and Ledger was named Lauren. A pp suggested Linden; I like it. It may not be as unusual as Ledger. Since you came up with unusual names for your boys, surely you'll find just the right one for a girl.

    I would hardly want to let a child or anyone else name my child. Perhaps a middle name.

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    I think people do it all the time. I know a Michelle named by her 5 year old sister and a friend just let her 2 yr old give the middle to her baby sister.
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    Well, since the name is a gorgeous one like Lauren, then let him name her!

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    Wow, that is so crazy!! I'm not sure, but its not a bad choice. I kind of like Laurel with your other two better though, and its very similar.

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