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    MN for Henrietta....

    Any suggestions? Looking fo one to offset clunkiness of name. Had been thinking of Grace (which is a family name) but most ppl (and us to some degree) view it as a filler.

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    I like you have any other family names/ppl you want to honor?

    Otherwise, how about:

    Henrietta Love

    Henrietta Jewel

    Henrietta Rose

    Henrietta Bryn

    Henrietta Paige

    Henrietta Joan

    Those are some 1-syllable suggestions. depending on your last name, though, I could see longer names totally working.
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    Thanks! Some great suggestions. Rose and Jane are already in use with our other two daughters. Most of other other family names just don't fit with Henrietta: we have sharon, Lynn, Theresa, Marguerite (we like, but clunky with Henrietta), Rita, Anne....
    Of the suggestions so far, i think Maeve, Elodie, Lucy and Pearl grab me most.

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