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    I have surname envy every time someone mentions Keira Knightley. There's something about Knightley. It's romantic, it's strong. My maiden name was a good one too, but I took DH's last name and I really can't stand it. A name that looks like a common word, but as a name is not pronounced that way, so no one says it correctly, ever. And pronounced correctly, it comes off sounding more like a sound you make than an actual name. :-?

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    I like anything Mc for some reason - McKinley, McDuffee, McKenzie...I think it's because I like them phonetically, but Mc- is too trendy for a first name.
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    It's not really a real name, but mine is definitely Clockwise. Or if I was Jewish, Dollarstein

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    I adore the surname Holloway. It sounds romantic and still sturdy, not too common and not too unknown.

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    OOooh, Darling is nice!

    I've always liked Underwood. I think it's handsome. Whenever I played the sims when I was a kid I'd use Underwood for their last name.

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