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Thread: Amy?

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    I've been toying with the idea of adding the name Amy to my list. It just sounds very sweet and pleasant to me - probably why it was so popular in the seventies. But has it become too dull because of its popularity in the past? I brought up the name in conversation once and was told that it was "a nothing name", which I don't particularly like the sound of.

    As far as alternatives/nn routes go, I don't like Amity and have bad associations with Amelia, and aside from that I can't think of anything else. Is Andromeda too much of a stretch? If I ever used Amy on its own I would probably go for a really interesting mn - Amy Indigo, Amy Eliska, or even Amy Aurelia.

    Appreciate any thoughts you might have.

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    I know a toddler Amy, a teenage Amy, and a very friend Amy. The little girl has chubby cheeks and bright blue eyes and is absolutely beautiful The other two are both incredibly sweet and selfless and wonderful people. I say all of this because that is the image I have of Amy. I agree with you. It is sweet and pleasant. I think in today's world of very frilly girly names and/ or trendy creative spellings, an Amy would be refreshing. Her name would stand out because of it's simple beauty. I like it very much.

    Amy Eliska would give the sweet Amy a spunky edge. That would be my choice m
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    I LOVE Amy, but I've had similar reactions. My best friend in particular doesn't like it at all. We are still considering it if there is a girl #3, but a childhood friend of mine just named his daughter Amy Mae, my favorite combo. Ack! I view Amy as an older classic name, and I would LOVE to see it on a baby. I don't care for Amity either. Andromeda is a lot of name, but I think Amy could work as a nickname. Amy Indigo is my favorite of the combos you listed.

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    I like Amy. It's a classic that saw a huge spike in the 70's but that doesn't change it's history.

    Amy Indigo is really lovely.
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    Yes! Amy is a great choice. I love it for the same reasons as the other posters. Amy just looks and sounds so friendly to me. I knew a lot of Amy's growing up and they were all nice, which is probably why I like the name so much. The popularity has died down now, so an Amy would likely be the only one in her class. I think it's a refreshing choice. I like all of your combinations.

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