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    1. Heidi
    2. Greta
    3. Melody
    4. Daphne
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    My top five.
    -Madeline. I prefer the spelling Madeleine, and the mad-a-layn prn, but I do like Madeline as well.
    -Tamsin. Underused and underappreciated, I think it's lovely. My only issue is the potential nn Tammy, which I don't like, but the one Tamzin I do know goes by the full Tamzin and not Tammy so I think it's avoidable.
    -Caitlin. Yes I know this name is a teacher's nightmare when it comes to spellings but I think the classic Irish version is just gorgeous. Any other variation is nowhere near as nice, to me.
    -Jasmine. Pretty and feminine without being over the top frilly, just the sort of name I like.

    For number five I really don't know, there's a few contenders.
    -Heidi I just quite like for its sweet simplicity.
    -I like Beth, but as a nickname. Bethany or Elizabeth would be preferable for me.
    -I had an old French teacher with the first name Aline, and whenever I heard it said in a French accent I thought it was really pretty. It's probably too close to the dated Eileen to really use in English speaking countries though, but I'd love it on a little French girl.

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