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    4 days to go- help us decide!

    So after several postings and great feedback from the Nameberry community, we have settled on two choices. We are having a hard time deciding between them, and will probably bring both to the hospital.

    To help us decide can you tell us what you think of or what type of girl you envision when you see the names, and if you have a preference?

    The names are:
    Helena Marguerite (helena prounounced Helen-a)
    Henrietta Grace

    Nickname possibilities with both: Lenna for Helena, Henri/Henny/Etta for Henrietta (we dont love Hattie/Hatsie).

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    I prefer Henrietta Grace with the nn Henri or Etta. I like Helena but only when pronounced Hel- ay- nuh.
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    I like Helena better than Henrietta, which just seems rather clunky to me. I much prefer the Helen-a prn to Hel-ay-na as well, which is another plus for me. Plus Margeurite is a more spunky middle than Grace, which just seems filler. And nn Lenna is gorgous too.

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    Helena Marguerite. The nn Lenna is very pretty.
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    As you might be able to tell from my signature, I adore both Helena and Marguerite, meaning that my choice might perhaps be slightly biased...and also, I don't really like Grace, as a first name or a middle name, but that's just me. Through Henrietta is lovely, Helena Marguerite slightly pips the post for me. Good luck!

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