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Thread: Pearl Willow...

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    That's a super hard decision. They are both gorgeous! But I think I'd go with Pearl Willow, just because I like it better with India Rose. Either way, though, is lovely!

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    I love both names! I would go with Willow Pearl because Pearl Willow is a little difficult for me to say with the l leading into the w.
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    I think both are lovely. I slightly prefer Pearl Willow. Pearl and India are a nice pair--as would India and Willow be. But they have different vibes.

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    I love both Willow and Pearl as first names. To me Pearl has more of a classic, old-world vibe whereas Willow is a little more whimsical. Both aren't too popular where I am, but aren't unheard of either (I know of both one little Pearl and one little Willow!)

    My personal choice would be Pearl Willow. I just like it!

    India Rose is pretty to, I've had India Eve as a combo on my list for years! I don't know of any little Indias, but I have met an Indiana (which I don't like anywhere near as much).

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    I like Pearl, but I'm not a fan of Willow. I'm also not a big fan of 2 noun names... it's like the pearl is made of willows, or the willow is made of pearls... or maybe a kind of willow called a pearl willow?
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