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    I've only ever heard of girls called Brooklyn, but as others said, as a place name it's fairly unisex. (although I think of most place names - London, Paris, etc. as boy's names).
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    I have only met girls with the name and to me it is very feminine.
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    Unisex, only because I know so many girl Brooklyn's. But I vastly prefer the name on a boy if I were ever to consider it.
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    I'll admit that since it's a place name, maybe it could go either way. However, I wouldn't consider Houston, Tyler, Austin or Bryan (all place names from around where I'm from) unisex. For me the combination of Brooke and Lynn makes it sound very feminine, even though I'm sure that at least Lynn used to be a man's name... The only Brooklyn's I know are girls. I found the Beckham's choice of Brooklyn for their son very strange.

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    Is silly a choice?

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