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    Quote Originally Posted by sidura View Post
    My state, California, is 41st in the nation for public education.
    Well, that's terrifying :P I'm 16, and I've attended public schools (in California) for 11 years. My preschool wasn't in the public school system.

    Fortunately, my school district is fairly decent, and I've always been able to attend the schools that perform high academically. My high school is pretty diverse, economically and nationality wise. We have probably more than 50 clubs, we're very college oriented, and offer plenty of advanced courses (AP & honors courses). However, I can totally see how California is 41st in the nation for public education. Some of the surrounding districts make me shudder (Which makes me sound completely snobbish, but it's true. I sympathize with the kids in said districts who truly care about their education, because they're limited to what their district can offer)

    Honestly, I think schooling just depends on the child, area, and financial situation. I know that I wouldn't thrive in an all girls school, simply because I've always had trouble connecting with other girls. I've never been a "girly girl" (not that you need to be one to have friends that are girls) and I can sometimes be socially awkward, so I don't really get along best with girls. Don't get me wrong, two of my best friends are girls, but the other two are boys. Haha XD Anyway, it didn't really matter, because (financially) I wouldn't ever be able to attend private schools.

    Anyway, it's good that you've thought of this now and that you have an idea of what you guys want to do. My aunt started looking for schools for my cousin when she was about 2. She took tons of tours as well, and my cousin (more than a decade later) has had the best experiences at her various levels of schooling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by goldielocks View Post
    Firstly, we live in Australia so our schooling may be different to wherever you live, but if you have an opinion let me know!

    Basically I'm just wondering... What type of school does/will your children attend? Pro's and Con's of either? Single Sex or Co-ed?

    I'm asking because I had an unusual schooling experience, my husband and I both grew up on Cattle Station's in Central Australia. My home was around 200km from the nearest town so I couldn't go to proper school as a child. I had a private tutor who lived on our property for my younger years of schooling and when off to a "elite" Boarding School for my teen years. My hubby did the exact same thing although his mum taught him during his childhood. However, my husband and I live in a city now so Bugsy will need to got to a proper primary school.

    Most of the schools around where we live, both public and private, have waiting lists. Although Bugsy is only 2 I've been contemplating Primary Schools (Elementary in the US), I want to get in early so I know we wont be left without a place. Depending on the school he may even attend Kindergarten there. Our circle of friends are mostly well-educated academics and prefer private, but I'm not easily influenced and have an open mind to either.

    I understand people may be very opinionated and get defensive when it comes to schooling for their children, we all want the best we can provide! But please refrain from getting too heated

    I live in America, so there will definitely be some differences.

    I have always known that I want to send my children to private school. I'd prefer co-ed. Private schools are usually a better environment than most public schools (at least in my area). I also believe that most private schools have more opportunities for parent involvement and feels more like a family setting.

    I am also considering homeschooling, is that something you're considering? The only downside is the lack of social interaction with peers.

    Bottom line: Private school is the way to go! Homeschooling can also be a good option, if your child does extra curricular activities where he/she can interact with other children his/her age.
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    School is AWFUL! I call it 'the slaughterhouse'. It kills me slowly but painfully. I go to a non-private school and honestly I think private school would be not much better [my parents can't afford it anyway].

    -It is an exam factory and we are like government robots that are programmed and hypnotised by them.
    -The people! How horrible can people be!
    -Not being seen as an individual and just as a grade. The school aren't even doing what they were supposed to do to accomodate me when I moved there last year.
    -Lack of organisation and communication.
    -Pressure and not putting the needs and wellbeing of the pupil first. [I think the pressure would be elevated in private schools where [my friend] gets an enormous amount of homework every night. What about clubs and music practice? It is not like I am sitting around watching TV and playing on video games. I need the time after school just to recover from school]
    -Teachers being more worried that eg. your earring is bigger than blahdy blah than the kids smoking and taking drugs behind the sixth form building.

    And so on and so I plan to homeschool my children at secondary level unless all the primary schools are rubbish near where I live.

    Enough ranting from moi.

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    I'm in the US and I went to Catholic, Private AND Public school in that order. Oh how I wish my parents waited for high school to send me to a good school rather than burned through their funds to send me to great schools K-4! Oh well. It was an adjustment though to say the least! I agree with a pp that keeping it consistent is a good idea. I will probably do public for my daughter if we stay on in this district.

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