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    I live in Canada, and as far as I know we don't have all the different schools that the UK and such have... or maybe we just have different names for it.

    I went to public school my entire education. I loved it and did very well.
    I do see potential problems with the public school system, especially for kids who don't fit into the small box of expectations for the 'ideal student'.
    There were times in my education where I struggled because I was ahead of the rest of the class. I was bored and so I acted out, and to be honest I was a bratty little student for a bit. I'm sure that wouldn't have happened in private school.
    I have also seen some of my friends left behind because they needed extra help/encouragement/etc and it wasn't available.

    In general though I know I am who I am because I went to public school. I have friends from all walks of life, I worked hard but I also was often lazy when I wanted to be, and I know that I got into the school I'm in now for my marks and not for what private school I attended.

    My parents would have never been able to pay for private school, but my mom often says she wishes that they could have put me in it.
    I am gifted, which was just a silly label in public school, but may have actually got me further in private.
    The University I go to now has so many students who went to private school! I have actually only met 2 people who didn't. You can definitely tell talking to someone for a few minutes whether they have gone to public or private! It's quite funny. But everyone eventually blends together a bit- thats just in the first year!

    I would be cautious and really research and visit the schools. The schools you go to definitely factor into what kind of person you become.
    I am almost sure that I would be smarter if I had gone to private school, but I wouldn't be the same socially.

    I know I am going to be dipping into a stereotype here, but while people are discussing it; I think private school can sometimes be a poisonous environment , especially for teens. My friend has a bunch of friends from a private school and since hanging out with them more often she has become a very different person. They are awful influences on her. I also have some great friends who go to private school- so I'm not generalizing. I just know that going to private school doesn't avoid dealing with things like bullying, drugs and 'bad' kids.

    All in all, my kids will likely go to Montessori for as long as it benefits them and then they will go to public school.
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    I live in America so it might be different, but...

    I grew up going to public schools and absolutly loved it!! I never even wanted to go to private schools.
    My older boy Bridger goes to a regular public school. He seems to like it. He always comes home with fun stories tell.
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    I am Australian and I went through the public school system in 1962 and came out an articulate, educated person, not so much these days I believe the public schools in many areas lack something unless it is an elitist public selective school.

    My children went to a private school and the kids were taught at a higher level to the local public high school
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    I went to good public schools while my husband went to Catholic school with his high school not being one that really seemed to focus on academics. We are both agreed about our children attending public school. When we purchased our house we wouldn't even look at houses that were zoned for bad public schools. If we are unhappy with the schools then we'll move or homeschool before sending them to private schools. Tuition starts at $10,000 a year for private high schools. We have two children that means even if we JUST sent them to private high school then we'd be spending over $80,000 and I'm sure it will be far more since our oldest is three years old. I'd much rather put that $80,000 into a house in an area that is zoned for better schools.
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    We're West-Coast Canadian. Most schools here are public, and any private schools in our area are religious. I don't think religious conditioning should be included in a child's academic learning system (particularly I feel they should be taught science and history without bias). Putting them in a religious school puts them in a "bubble", and it can be very confusing for them when they graduate and realize not everyone holds the same beliefs they do. It is easier for them to learn about diversity in a public school. So I think if you want your child to follow your religion, better to just take them to church or whatever.
    There are what we call Montessori Schools here, which have no religious bias, just a more open learning style. I would like my kids to go to Montessori but I don't feel too strongly about it. My hubs would like them to just go to public school, so that is likely the route we will take.
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