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    The comment about Catholics was highly offensive and ignorant. How can over a billion people be lumped into one negative description? I can't imagine saying such a thing about any religion or ethnic group, seeing how diverse we all are!
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    I didn't realise this thread would get so many well thought out replies! Thanks!

    Last week I got around to touring a few schools, both public and private. All in all I toured 14 schools, by the end I was exhausted and they all kind of blended into one another. Imagine the ridiculousness at the prospect of me, a mother of a 2 year old, on school tours with parents of 13 year old's. However, I think going on tours was the best thing for me! It put me at ease.

    Waddling around the schools and seeing the children in there environments really opened my eyes to the culture and ethos of particular school's in my area. From the limited time I spent at each a few really stood out. So at least now I have an idea about where I think would be best for our children.

    I really like the idea of a small, family oriented primary school. Most probably a public one, so we can save for private high school.The public high schools that I visited didn't seem to have as much of a focus on discipline, a quality that my son will definitely need!

    So in the end I took Jack back to a few and we put Bugsy's name down on a few waiting lists for kindergarten, primary and high school.

    Thanks for all you opinions, if you would like keep them coming...I figure the suggestions and experiences should be helpful to any mum or dad who is looking for the right school for their child.

    Thanks again,
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    I went to public school all my life. Jessie went to a private Hebrew school. She hated it. There was too much structure and rigidity for her.
    We have been thinking of putting Sloane into private school at least for a few years and in a bilingual school at that. We have been researching a public school that teaches I'm English and mandarin.
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    Home schooling?

    I meant to post a thread and it turned into a comment! Sorry.
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    I have been in private schools my whole life. I went to first a jewish daycare, only because all of the other daycares required me to be older, and my parents couldn't wait for me to be older to enroll me- they had to work. Then I attended a catholic, co-ed school from K-8, which is how most private schools are set up, at least where I live {I've never understood the whole K-5 in one school, 6-whatever in the next. It's always been Grade School: K-8, and High School 9-12. Nothing wrong with the first system, I've just never been in it} Then I went to a all-girls, catholic high school. I'll be a sophomore there in the fall. I highly recommend the single-sex education option. It's really easy to focus on school there. You make best friends, and you're not constantly thinking about crushes and what you're wearing. And sure, there's a little drama. But, especially with my uniform, I don't have to "get dressed" and "get ready" and really stress about what I look like. I throw on my uni, wrap my hair up in a bun, brush my teeth and go to school. Being used to this is slightly problematic during the weekends and summer, but I get by

    I haven't been in catholic schools all my life because we're uber-religious or anything. In the district I live in, Catholic schools are less expensive than the non-religious private schools, but offer a better education than the public schools.

    I really don't think there's a blanket statement here. I think, when you decide for Bugsy, You should compare quality of the educations, tuition in relation to your financial situation, and location/method of transportation.

    Good Luck!

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