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    Firstly, we live in Australia so our schooling may be different to wherever you live, but if you have an opinion let me know!

    Basically I'm just wondering... What type of school does/will your children attend? Pro's and Con's of either? Single Sex or Co-ed?

    I'm asking because I had an unusual schooling experience, my husband and I both grew up on Cattle Station's in Central Australia. My home was around 200km from the nearest town so I couldn't go to proper school as a child. I had a private tutor who lived on our property for my younger years of schooling and when off to a "elite" Boarding School for my teen years. My hubby did the exact same thing although his mum taught him during his childhood. However, my husband and I live in a city now so Bugsy will need to got to a proper primary school.

    Most of the schools around where we live, both public and private, have waiting lists. Although Bugsy is only 2 I've been contemplating Primary Schools (Elementary in the US), I want to get in early so I know we wont be left without a place. Depending on the school he may even attend Kindergarten there. Our circle of friends are mostly well-educated academics and prefer private, but I'm not easily influenced and have an open mind to either.

    I understand people may be very opinionated and get defensive when it comes to schooling for their children, we all want the best we can provide! But please refrain from getting too heated

    I attended a public primary school, and then went to an expensive all-girls high school-I feel like I got the best of both worlds-the sad fact is that while public schools I think give a child a better perspective, private schools simply have more resources.

    I grew up in Sydney, btw.

    Best of luck to you

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    I'm 18. I've spent my entire life in public schools (in the US, in Washington state and Alaska), except for second grade, where I was in a 43-student, 1-12 private Catholic school.

    As far as this 'Catholics are b!tches' thing goes, I grew up Catholic as well, and while I'm no longer a 'believer,' I truly love the community and people. More than half of my family is made up of devout, practicing Catholics, and religion DOES NOT dictate personality. I'm sorry that a few Catholic schools and parishes are corrupt and bad in general, but this true for ANY and ALL religions and groups of people. It's in very poor taste to single out Catholicism. A more appropriate statement would have been suggesting to visit schools and do research before making a decision, because you have had bad experiences.

    Anyway, I would not recommend private schooling, unless it is a relatively large one (at least 500 students). From my perspective, socialization is just as important as education. I have met too many kids who are homeschooled or went to a small private school who are completely incapable of interacting with their peers. Being well-socialized is extremely important; the focus is always put on academics in the media, with test scores and grades and all that, but if you can't hold a conversation with someone, it does you no good.

    If the system is not educating your child as you would like it to, you can always do homeschooling on top of public school. My parents did this with me, and I was doing 4th-grade level math in kindergarten by just working through math books. In second grade, I'd started working on pre-algebra and read through the fourth Harry Potter book (technically a 5th-6th grade book for reading level). Do not underestimate the intelligence of your child, push them to do more and work harder, but DON'T take them away from kids their own age. And a lot of them. I can not push hard enough the importance of socialization in today's society.
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    I am still in school, and I attend a co-ed public school. I see the ups and downs of private and public schooling. I think I rather public schooling personally, however. Your child will get to spend time making friends and such. I would also think they will get to do group work which is very important if you and your spouse+ child decide they will continue with post secondary education. Every child needs friends and it will be so much easier at a public school. I am not a big fan of homeschooling. I too think if you an get just as good education for free, why pay? I wouldn't even consider sending my children to a same sex school.
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    I am currently at a single sex private school and I like it. I did go to a public primary school and I was a terrible kid I was always in trouble never did my homework I yelled at the teacher and since I did the same work as the year 4 students. Personally I think it depends for me single sex private really was the only option as I live in the country and there are no good public boarding schools really at the one i perth there are fights as is the one an hour from me. So just look and see what you think is best and just trust that you have made the right decision
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    I went to a mix of schools. I lived in the uk and went to my local, mixed (in every way) state school until high school when I went to a private, girls school. Before that I was a terrible student, I didn't want to do the work and no-one made me, there were 34 other kids in the class. At private school I was one of 15 and if I didn't do the work I would have to stay in at lunch times and after schools until I did. At private school being the best was what made you cool: being the best tennis player, being the best at maths, being the best at art etc. It was highly competitive but we were like a little family and I am still in touch with most of my classmates. I finished school with great grades despite not being at all academic. Every girl in my year went to university, mostly very very good universities. And when I did go to university the work wasn't any harder than I had been doing at school. I think it was a great preparation for life and if I had gone to my local state school like I begged my parents to let me do, I probably wouldn't have got any qualifications at all.

    My partner came from a wealthy family and went to pre-prep school and then boarding school at age 8. I totally couldn't do that to my kids, but she loved it, thought it was the best thing ever and begs me to let our kids experience that. Her parents wanted to her do that for three main reasons: superior education, independence and meeting the "right" people.

    If you want your child to be a CEO/lawyer/investment banker etc. sending them to a highly competitive, educationally challenging private school is probably the best way. I hate the idea of "meeting the right people" but ultimately, most of the politicians, people at heads of companies etc. can be traced to a certain bunch of schools and a certain bunch of universities. That is not to say you can't be a lawyer if you go to your local school, but it will be more challenging.

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