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    Private vs Public Schooling

    Firstly, we live in Australia so our schooling may be different to wherever you live, but if you have an opinion let me know!

    Basically I'm just wondering... What type of school does/will your children attend? Pro's and Con's of either? Single Sex or Co-ed?

    I'm asking because I had an unusual schooling experience, my husband and I both grew up on Cattle Station's in Central Australia. My home was around 200km from the nearest town so I couldn't go to proper school as a child. I had a private tutor who lived on our property for my younger years of schooling and when off to a "elite" Boarding School for my teen years. My hubby did the exact same thing although his mum taught him during his childhood. However, my husband and I live in a city now so Bugsy will need to got to a proper primary school.

    Most of the schools around where we live, both public and private, have waiting lists. Although Bugsy is only 2 I've been contemplating Primary Schools (Elementary in the US), I want to get in early so I know we wont be left without a place. Depending on the school he may even attend Kindergarten there. Our circle of friends are mostly well-educated academics and prefer private, but I'm not easily influenced and have an open mind to either.

    I understand people may be very opinionated and get defensive when it comes to schooling for their children, we all want the best we can provide! But please refrain from getting too heated

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    I grew up in the suburbs of Sydney and attended a co-ed Systemic Catholic primary school and for High School I went to an Independent Catholic all girls school.

    I know quite a few people who have been home schooled as well as those who did a mix of both home schooling then boarding school.
    Most of these people lived in Rural Victoria & NSW. I only know two families that lived in Sydney and chose to home school their kids.

    With private vs public schools I suppose it depends on what your comfortable with and also what financial position your in.
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    I'm a teacher (in Australia) and have taught in both systems. My children will definitely be going to private schools. I'm also keen on the idea of single sex education. I'll write more tomorrow when I'm not on my phone, but I've found so many positives to good private schools. Not necessary the most expensive elite ones, but those with a great atmosphere and ethos. Compared to even very good public schools, they're better. I've taught at two all girls schools and I can't imagine not sending my daughter to an all girls school. Can't comment on all boys, but I imagine it's much the same.
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    Here, the term public school can be synonymous with private school Comprehensives and faith schools are the general schools and then we still have some grammar schools as well. ((Maybe another Brit can expand on this? I'll confess I don't know the exact differences between them all))

    I went to a mixed Catholic primary school and high school which was up there rivalling the private schools in terms of examination grades.

    My primary school was a TINY village countryside school and consisted of around eighty pupils in total from reception (4-5) up to year six (10-11). It had its good points and bad points. I remember loving our church processions and woodland walks and more focussed time with the teachers (especially one who valued intelligence over beauty ) but there was also the problem of isolation, if you fell out with your friends (or everyone thought you were weird and didn't want to be friends with you...) then there weren't really any other friendship options and you had to go around by yourself at break times. Three of us, myself included (out of twelve in my year) left with perfect Sats grades (sats are nationwide tests in english, science and maths that we took at 7, 11 and then 14, don't know if they still do them).

    Coming from such a small school and going into high school was a culture shock even though it was just at the end of the lane where the countryside met the town. It wasn't huge at all, less than one thousand pupils in total, but to us it felt massive. The teachers were good (mostly nice!) and I loved learning but I was bullied relentlessly throughout the entire five years I spent there. On a school trip to New York I was once told, by a teacher no less, that no one had wanted me in their room and that I should be grateful to the bullies for allowing me to sleep there...

    Anyway, despite all the bullying and loneliness I know I had an excellent education at both establishments. I really don't know how my kids will be schooled other than it will definitely be at a school rather than home schooling. If I have the money perhaps I'd opt for private? It all depends on how my future pans out. Even though the standard of education might only be marginally different from comprehensive to private I whole heartedly believe that there are far more opportunities for your future at a private school.
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    Quote Originally Posted by renrose View Post
    Here, the term public school can be synonymous with private school Comprehensives and faith schools are the general schools and then we still have some grammar schools as well. ((Maybe another Brit can expand on this? I'll confess I don't know the exact differences between them all))
    I'll try (have been looking into this lately )

    We've basically got two categories; state schools and private schools (independent/public schools).

    State schools consists of:
    Community schools (run by local authority)
    Foundation/Trust schools (foundation schools are run by government but supported by a charity, trust schools are co-run by gov and charity/bussiness)
    Faith schools (run by governement, supported by church/other religious thing)
    Grammar schools (secondary only, very academic focused)

    Then there's...
    Free schools (run by community/parents/teachers etc, not controlled by gov.)
    Specialist schools (run by gov, schools that specializes in certain fields (art, sports, physics etc))
    Private/Independent/Public schools (run by a board, charges a fee for education)

    My education experience:
    I started school at 6 (in Norway), I went to the Rudolf Steiner/Waldorf school. When we moved to London a few years later I continued in the same school system. When I was 12/13 my parents sent me to an all-girl boarding school in Buckinghamshire. I loved boarding school, it was so much fun and very educational in so many ways. Not only because of all the fantastic classes and clubs (latin, fencing, ballet, languages, history, art and I could go on and on...) but it was a very good way to learn about yourself, become independent and make very good friends (we were basically each others family). (My sister went to the first co-ed boarding school in England and she loved it. We were intentionally sent to different schools our parents thought would suit our personalities.) I loved going to an all-girl school, I think that's really good for teenagers to be a bit apart and it definitely helps on the concentration.
    My boyfriend went to an all-boy boarding school and he thought that was wonderful as well. We plan on sending our child to the same boarding school I went to, it is the best girl boarding school in England, and I had such amazing experiences there (if we ever have a boy my boyfriend wants him to go to Eton, for the same reasons). But only if she wants to. If not, there are plenty of good schools in London (if we continue to live here), but I must admit I've only looked at private schools up to now. As for nursery and primary school I think we'll send her to a Montessori or a Rudolf Steiner school, they're sweet and fun. If we move to the countryside I've looked at some amazing nature-nurseries and schools, they look like a lot of fun.

    I have no experience with state schools personally, but I have friends who went to state school, and I've got friends who send their children to state schools, and they're all happy and well educated. The most important thing is to choose a school you're comfortable with.
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