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    A few posts ago, someone agreed that girls do better in girls schools, but couldn't find any evidence for this being the case for boys in boys schools. That's because it's not! Can't remember where I read it, but I think the general consensus is that girls do better academically in girls schools and boys do better in co-ed schools. I'm sure there's research out there online somewhere! If I come across anything, I'll link it. Oh, and regarding "boys" subjects and "girls" subjects, there's generally a much larger cohort of boys in subjects such as advanced maths and physics. I've never heard them referred to as "boys" and "girls" subjects, but, when there's a large number of boys making up the class, girls are less likely to want to participate. I had this experience as a student myself when I pulled out of a sports class when I realised I was the only girl. Same for boys in subjects such as dance or home economics. I actually taught at Year 12 dance class today and was pleasantly surprised to have a boy in the class (probably the best dancer of the lot of them!).
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    Although our son is only 2 I have already given this topic alot of thought. I went to a public primary & high school and niether I nor my parents had any problems with it. However we lived in a very small farming community (there were only 5 students in my grade for most of my primary schooling years) so everyone knew each others families very well. Everybody was of the same farming/ somewhat christian background. I now live in a bigger town and while I dont have any concerns about the education provided at public schools, I do worry about the kinds of friends my child will be making. I dont want to have to say "no you cant have a sleepover at little johnnys house" because Iv heard his parents are drug users. I dont mean to sound judgemental and I know this could potentially happen at any school but where I live the private schools tend to be alot smaller so you can get to know all the other families better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goldielocks View Post
    Thank you for you opinion!

    Obviously I have no idea where Bugsy will end up but if we do chose a school with higher fee's and our son decided to fulfill any of your listed occupations listed above then I will have absolutely no problem with it! I want my son to have the best education possible at a school that I feel meets his needs, where he is exposed to the widest range of opportunities, and can choose whether he wants to be a Doctor or a Lawyer or a Farmer like the rest of his family. What he becomes in the future is not relevant to me at all, as long as he does his best and finds a fulfilling career where he is content then I'd consider it money well spent.

    I don't consider any job completely unfavorable, of course I wouldn't love to collect rubbish cans but it takes all kinds of people and occupations to make the world go round! My family have been Farmer's for a hundred years and they are just as successful as your everyday business man/doctor, they just get to live in the most magical place in the world!
    That is why we chose the private school we did...for our children to learn to trust themselves and find their passion. We hope for them to be happy and also grow up to be self sufficient. Of course many are not comfortable or familiar with sudbury/democratic schools so we field many questions from family and friends about what "exactly they learn everyday". Since DH and I come from families where most everyone has higher education (including 2 sisters in laws who have their doctorates, my dad has 2 doctorates, and everyone else their bacholors at the very least) this is the goal of many, but not our only goal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by leona23 View Post
    Anything but Catholic.....
    Uhm... why?

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