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    Louis is loo-ee to me too. I think it's a Brit thing though (and we're the only ones who are awake right now ).
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    I know 3 boys named Louis, 2 of them saying it like Lewis, one using the nn Louie. The other pronounced it Louie but ended up being called Lewis as a nickname. If I saw Louis on paper I would guess it's pronounced Lewis until told otherwise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    Louis is loo-ee to me too. I think it's a Brit thing though (and we're the only ones who are awake right now ).
    Yay awake! Lol. Yeah I say Louis as 'lou-ee' and Lewis as 'loo-is'.

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    Louis has always been LOO-iss, to me and I'm English. I know that Louis in French is Loo-ee but I'm not sure about other European countries, I think in England US Louis would be pronounced like Lewis. And although I dislike the look of Louie and think it is very nickname-y, I think it would be better to use that if you want the Loo-ee pronunciation.
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    I used to pronounce it as Louie, because I went to primary school with a Louis prn Louie so that was what I was used to. However, one of my first year university flatmates had a friend who came over frequently called Louis prn Lewis so now I kind of alternate between the two. I believe Louie is the traditional French way of saying it, at least the French kings were Louis prn Louie anyway. Louis I think is kind of an Anglicisation of the name.

    Personally, if I was naming, I'd go Lewis for that prn and Louis for Louie. Louie just looks too nicknamey to me in its spelling.

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