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    Middle name for Edwin

    Hi, I'm new! I'm having my first baby on the first of august and I have chosen the name Edwin which is my fiance's name. He unfortunately passed away a week before I found out I was expecting so I have chosen to name the baby after it's father. I have decided not to find out the gender and keep it a surprise.

    I also haven't told anyone that I'm naming the baby after Edwin but I was thinking of telling his mother that I plan to call him Edwin, and letting her choose his middle name as we have grown incredibly close since my fiance passed. but anyhow, I've been thinking of some middle names for the name myself:

    Edwin Rhodes: Rhodes was my fiance's mother's maiden name, I would love to honor her as she's helped me through my pregnancy and she's just an amazing woman. Her first name is Jane so I did consider James but I prefer Rhodes.

    Edwin Samuel: Samuel is my fathers name

    Edwin George - I just love George
    Edwin August - I thought this would be cool as he's due on the first of August.
    Edwin Charles - Again, I just like Charles

    Do you have any ideas for middle names? I'm strongly considering letting his mother choose the middle name but I'd love to hear your opinions on these names too.

    Thank you in advance

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    Now that I finished posting on the girl's, here I am on the boy's.

    All of your picks are pretty awesome, but I particularly love - Edwin August, it just flows incredibly well to me!

    Other Ideas
    Edwin Henry
    Edwin William
    Edwin Harry

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    Edwin George, Edwin August, and Edwin Charles all sound great, imo. But I think it would be nice to honor someone if you have that inclination. You could always do a double middle if you don't want to let go of your favorites:

    Edwin August Rhodes
    Edwin Samuel George

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    Thank you both!

    I like Edwin Henry & Edwin William! They're both lovely. I like to idea of two middle names as I'm considering this if I have a girl. Edwin August Rhodes & Edwin Samuel George are both very handsome combos! I will definitely consider 2 middle names if I can't decide on one

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