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Thread: MC doubts

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    MC doubts

    Is the name Tysa that bad? I want to use it for the main character of my story, but I've been told be several people that it's a terrible name.
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    It depends on your story. If it's based in modern day America and you character is a middle-class white girl, then Tysa probably isn't the best name.

    However, if Tysa is a robot warrior princess or something similarly less than normal, no, Tysa is fine.

    What's the character?
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    I am with celianne. If her parents are creative e.g. artists/musicians or Tysa is a name that honors her origin or relative, why not?
    But, to be honest, I hardly can imagine a regular shy girl Tysa.
    I commented on your other poll about this name and suggested Tyra but for a character I would not advice it b/c everybody will think of a model. Tysa in that case is fine.
    The main rule is that character must fit his/her name. If you name her Mary b/c you are afraid of using names nobody like but later regret about it, that will really bad. So if you feel she is a 100% Tysa, that's the name.

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    I think it depends on the genre. If it's sci-fi, go for it. If not, I'd suggest something like Elizabeth nn Lizzie/Beth.

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    It's your story- name her what you want to name her.

    Tysa is a good name. It makes me think it's a feminine version of Tyson. Totally legitimate, in my opinion.

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