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    Can Kim come back for boys?

    I was reading up on Kimberly, after reading up on Waverly (where it said it could be "the next generation's successor to Kimberly", which I don't see). "Kimberly" has a girls' name description and it has a boys' name description; under the second one it said, "For a boy's name, don't you dare". I'm actually not unfamiliar with Kim as a boys' name as I've seen it as a tough and handsome male character's name in a few video games from the mid-90s -- although it turns out to be a surname of Korean influence (meaning "gold"). That, I just found out as I was typing this!

    What I'm getting at is, if Waverly does indeed replace Kimberly for girls as Nameberry suggests, perhaps it can come back as a boys' name? When reading names, I say them to myself as I imagine the child's gender (in this case, a boy), and I wouldn't ask here if I don't see any possibilities. I mean, I've always known Lindsey as a girls' name since 2nd grade, then it was used as a man's name on the sci-fi series "Angel". So it might not be too bizarre.

    Other ideas, off the top of my head, in case Kimberly doesn't work for you, could be to drop the -ly and keep it as just "Kimber", or the Korean Kim.

    What are your thoughts on this?

    Here's a link to the character if you're curious:
    Also, a link to the Korean name:

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    Kim was traditionally a man's name. Rudyard Kipling's novel "Kim" has a male protagonist. I also know some Asian-American men named Kim.

    However, once a name becomes firmly entrenched in the female name category, it doesn't seem to come back as a male name. Kimberley hasn't really been popular as a woman's name since the 80's, but it's still rare to meet a male Kim.

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    When I hear Kim, I think of the Home And Away character. Considering he was played by Chris Hemsworth, it's all male to me!
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    Little story about the name Kim: When I was in about year 9 or so, we got paired off with some Norwegian pen pals for a class project. The email address I was given was kim_surname@whatever. My then best friend was a bit annoyed I'd got (so she thought) a girl while she'd been given a boy. As it turned out, after the initial email was returned, Kim was actually a boy.

    I think in some countries the name Kim is still masculine - it seems to be Scandanavian ones, as there's the Finnish racing driver Kimi Raikonnen as well.

    Also I associate Kim on a boy with Kim Il-Sung - I know that's his surname, but with Korean naming order being different to ours it does make it sound more like his first name when hearing it on the news so often.

    I don't think it's impossible it couldn't come back for a boy, but I think Kimberly will be more for a girl and just Kim for a boy if it ever does.

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    I would never use Kimberly on a boy. But Kim, yes, quite possible. I am in love with the Finnish racing driver Kimi Räikkönen, so as a boys name it has always been a possibility - but only if I marry someone Scandinavian. Otherwise I can't see it working in modern English society.
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