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Thread: British berries

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    Hi, I know I'm an american but I thought i'd just drop in for a moment with a british related question :-)

    My mum was born and raised in Newcastle so I guess half of me connects to this thread haha.

    What I was wondering was, did anyone watch Postman Pat when they were younger, or do your kids watch it if you have any?

    I have fond memories of visiting my grandparents and sitting in the livingroom watching Pat
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    I used to love Postman Pat when I was little! Watched it all the time. My absolute favourite though was Noddy! Making me feel nostalgic! x

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    I used to watch Postman Pat, Fireman Sam, the Magic School Brush, Noddy and the Mr Blobby show. Going to Blobby world and seeing mascot versions of Mr Blobby, Noddy and Big Ears now explains the crawling and fear I get from any mascot figure. It wasn't so bad in the UK, apart from kicking several santa's in the unmentionables but here in Oz all the Rugby teams especially have mascots, the Giants is the most scary, I literally hide behind the sofa.

    As for the reality thing, before I moved here I was working at the local supermarket when some people from a local broadcasting company filmed some stuff and interviewed my boss, the owner. They were looking into shooting a Southampton version of Towie, only with all the crime now it could end up as more of a police kind of thing, it never got made but they did get the huge camera's out and tried to shoot some stuff.

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