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    Choosing birth months

    Do any of you Momberries try to time your conception so your baby will be born at a certain time of the year? Or does it not really matter to you?

    For instance, I wouldn't want my baby to be born right at the start or end of the year, for fear that a December 30th baby might not get the chance to be developmentally equal to the other kids in his early grade. Similarly, a January 3rd baby might be held back and bored in his first few grades. (For clarity, our school years start in January and end in December, meaning all children born in the same year are put in the same grade.) Then there are those really hot fly-ridden summer months where nobody really wants to be lugging around huge bellies, giving birth or throwing children's birthday parties for the next 18 years.

    I'm probably just overthinking things, but I wanted to know if any TTC moms consider birth months too!
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    I just gave birth on Thanksgiving day and my opinion is you're definitely way over-thinking it. What matters is having a safe, healthy, happy pregnancy and baby. :-)

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    I did NOT want to give birth November through January, since those months here are cold & wet and depressing & I figured that could only increase the likelihood of PPD. Alas, we conceived without trying & baby's EDD is January 2.
    I definitely plan to be more careful with my next pregnancy, since its turning to be inconvenient and rather stressful having a due date so close to the holidays.
    Our first daughter was born July 1st and to me that was awesome. I got to wear sundresses through the fattest part of pregnancy & it was easy to eat healthily & stay active right up to the end.
    I myself am born early October and I think that would be ideal. It WOULD be nice not to be the size of a house in the heat of Summer.
    In the future I will try to plan pregnancy so I will give birth any time March through October.

    ETA: I realize it sounds like we're not excited about this pregnancy. I just want to clarify we are ecstatic, but I do feel a bit sad that I will miss out on a lot of the Christmassy stuff I usually get to do this time of year... and that it is hard to find any energy being so hugely pregnant during such a busy month.
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    My birthday is in January and I always wished I'd been born in the summer, for many reasons - I hated having my bday two weeks after xmas, because you get all your presents at the start of the year, and none for the rest of it and I hardly ever got to have outdoor bday parties because of the weather. That said, as long as you have a happy, healthy baby, it really doesn't matter x

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    It's those hot months that fill me with dread. I do not deal well with heat at all. I can't imagine being pregnant and huge and uncomfortable AND having to deal with the heat. If we're still in Australia when we start TTC, we'd ideally like to aim for a May-September baby so that I'm not miserable with the heat in the last few months of pregnancy. When we start TTC our plan is to start around September/October, but that said if we get to February and still aren't pregnant I'm not sure if I'd want to stop! We'll see when the time comes, I suppose.

    As for myself, I was born in March and loved it. Being from a northern US state, I had a snow day on my birthday three or four times growing up. Nearly always snowy and cold so no beach parties for me, but sledding/snowman building parties can be just as fun. My mom was terrified she'd go into labor with me in the middle of a blizzard, though...

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