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    Piercing newborn babies ears?

    My daughter Gabry had her ears pierced when she was 3 months old. I, however, was not the one to decide this. my husband, Liam's, mom was babysitting the kids for the weekend, and decided Gabry would look darling with earrings. I was not happy. In my house we have a rule that you can have your ears pierced on your 3rd birthday, but only if you want to. People were mad, even furious at me when i would take Gabry out and she had earrings in. what are your thoughts on piercing newborns ears?
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    I'm not a fan at all! And I would be absolutely furious if my mil did that!

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    i don't mind seeing it on other people's children. I would never get furious. I do, however, really dislike it. I think you shouldn't make those kinds of decisions for your children. It should be her decision when she wants to punch holes in her ears, not anyone elses. They're hers after all. When my daughter is old enough to tell me she wants them pierced, then she can have them pierced.

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    I really dislike it. First because I think it looks like you wanna make a little girl look like an adult. To me it's close to letting them wear make up. But that's me. The biggest reason is that I would never make a decision to put holes in my kids body. If she wants to do it, fine. But she cannot make this decision under the age of 6 I think. I mean no one lets their kids have piercings on their belly button at age 3, where's the difference?

    Oh my god, if my mother in law would ever do this. I don't think I'd ever get over it :S

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    i think it's fine, and any daughter I have will get theirs pierced around 3 months. however, I would be FURIOUS if someone did that without my permission.

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