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Thread: British berries

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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    You can buy it on dvd...
    Thanks! It's on Hulu as well as I just investigated. I have issues.
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    I used to like TOWIE (yes I know it's trashy!) But the last few series I've not watched because it's not the same. Amy Childs (one of the characters) made the show and when she left it was never the same to me.
    Essex is basically the fake tan and plastic surgery capital of the UK and all the characters live up to this stereotype. I think people watch it just because it's so fake, it's funny.
    We also have Geordie Shore (The British Jersey Shore) and The Valleys (Trust me, not everyone from the Valleys is a sex-mad, party animal. This show is extremely controversial and has angered many people of the towns and villages near where I live it's literally the talk of the town haha) and finally we have Made in Chelsea which basically follows the lives of posh/rich people of Chelsea in London.
    Although they are extremely trashy, I can't help but watch them just to see what it's like. I obviously know they're acting most of it and it's not true but it's kind of addictive once you get into it.
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    Ah yes, Desperate Scousewives.

    It is sooooooo much more like Jersey Shore than the Hills, I think. I was just genuinely surprised it keeps winning BAFTAs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    It is sooooooo much more like Jersey Shore than the Hills, I think. I was just genuinely surprised it keeps winning BAFTAs.
    Ah, never seen The Shore. I just meant the same style really; scripted reality. And we're all surprised it's won BAFTA's
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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    Ah yes, Desperate Scousewives.
    Yes. God. My poor, poor city.

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