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Thread: Annabel Lee

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    I personally love Poe, and I tried to talk my sister into namng her daughter Annabel Lee (She ended up going with Annabelle Marie). Usually I would agree that that sort of run-on name is tricky, but if you really like the literary reference I would say it supercedes that rule. If not, yeah it sounds a little awkward. On the other hand, people don't use middle names that often, so if you love the sing-songy, classic sound of Annabel (I personally adore it), then don't worry too much about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stephanie413 View Post
    It sounds like one name when said out loud. Annabelee.
    It's usually poor form to start the second name with the same letter that the first name ends with as it blends into a run-on.

    Not a fan, sorry. There are soooo many great names out there. You've got plenty of time to agree on something else. You never know what might come to mind (or what you'll both gravitate toward for unknown reasons).
    Exactly this... plus the necrophilia (which is exactly the way I always interpreted it... at the least it's stalkerish, at the most it's necrophilia). Even if you like it, do pause to think that you're naming someone else... are you sure she'll like it?
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    I actually know a Annabel Lee. Firstly I didn't notice it because she has two middle names but after founding out I thought it was...strange. The sounding is OK but the poem connection is no good IMO.
    Maybe that's because I am not a fan of Annabel but would find another name. I guess you mom is either Anna or Bella so it's easy to find other way to honor her and Lee complements almost everything.

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    My daughter, Annabel, got her name from the poem. I have never seen it as stalkerish or necrophilic. It has always seemed a beautiful lamentation for his young late wife, Virginia. Interpretations of the poem aside, I would not go with Annabel Lee, though I think Annabel _____ Lee would be fine.
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